Commercial Solar Incentive


Get a Return on your Investment

Get the 30% Federal Tax Credit. No more Power bills. Get a full return on your solar investment in less than 8 years. Enjoy optimum power production for 25 years worry free

Going Solar makes Sense

From all projections, going SOLAR makes DOLLARS and SENSE.

Take the first step on equipping your home with the money saving solar panels. Our knowledgeable experts will explain how the incentives work and even process all the necessary paperwork where applicable. There has never been a better time to go solar!

Go Green, Go Solar and Save Money!

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Getting a Solar system = money in your pocket!

It’s more affordable than ever to get a solar system. You have seen the reports of how Solar energy consumers experience a substantial reduction in their utility bills. Solar panels actually increase in value over time as electricity prices rise.

And here’s more great news:

The federal government offers a 30% TAX CREDIT to help drive down the cost of installation.

Additionally, Real Estate sales reports show that your home appreciates in value with the acquisition of a solar system.

The national real estate average shows a $20,000.00 addition in value to your home for every $1,000.00 in annual power savings.

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