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TrapSun Solar San Diego, solar Energy Power Company

Residential and Commercial Solar

We are dedicated to providing adequately sized, professionally designed and installed photovoltaic electric systems to San Diego County and all adjoining communities.

Trapsun is committed to promoting energy independence with the installation of solar electric systems in our local communities, with over 100 systems installed in the last few years. We take exceptional pride in all our work from preliminary design through permitting, installation, final inspection and interconnection with the utility company. We do it all in-house and we do not hire subcontractors.

All our personnel, design and installation teams comprise of enthusiastic people who share a common goal, of using solar energy for a brighter future for all.

All our photovoltaic electric systems are designed and installed by highly qualified engineers, Installers and personnel. Our experienced and certified electricians and team leaders work hard to give every homeowner a reliable solar system to generate your own clean green electricity safely. As a homeowner you deserve the best that is why we employ and train only the best in the industry to ensure that you get a good return on your investment. When we install your solar electric system, you will have a 10-year warranty on installations (labor & materials) and a 25-year manufacturer’s product warranty on the solar panels, Micro-Inverters and the solar system output.

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Ready to go solar?

We are here to take care of you, every step of the way.

We will handle everything from the systems design, engineering, permits and installation. We will design a PV solar system that meets your power needs. Our professional design team members will visit your home or office to evaluate the space availability of your roof, check for sun exposure and shade potential, roof pitch, obstacles and more.

Our specialist solar design engineer will evaluate your power usage and make a professional recommendation on a PV solar system that meets the energy needs and budget of your home or business. We will look for every possible energy saving measures as well that may bring you closer to zero net energy usage as well as possibly reducing the necessary size of your new solar array.

After installation, you can begin to enjoy clean and renewable energy for your home 365 days a year, whether you're logging on to your computer, charging your new electric car, running your washer and dryer, or making your early morning cup of coffee.

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