Residential Solar Energy System


Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems can generate clean, cost-effective power anywhere the sun shines. This video shows how a PV panel converts the energy of the sun into renewable electricity to power homes and businesses.

Solar electric or Photovoltaics produces electricity from sunlight.

VIDEO - Curtesy of the US Department of Energy


Residential Solar Power System, Design and Installation Process. A homeowner wanting to install solar electric power for their houses will start by requesting a free solar quote from Trapsun Solar, a renewable energy provider.

Getting a Free Solar quote

While self-installed solar systems are allowed in California, we strongly recommend on using licensed solar contractors like us, to do the installation. Not only are we familiar with all the required building and electric codes, and permitting and inspection processes, we have the experience and skills to make sure that a solar installation is done correctly and will operate for years to come.

You are in the right place if you want to know more about purchasing a solar system for your home and to choose the right contractor to do the job. Trapsun Solar, a San Diego Solar Installer will evaluate your property to determine if your house is suitable for a solar system, and how much it will cost. Trapsun Solar will discuss everything with you, from the proper placement of the system, to the availability of quality solar panels, warranties, and anything that will affect the cost of your systems. Our free solar electric system quote will include the size of the solar system in watts or kilowatts, and estimate the annual electricity production capacity of your system. Our free solar quote will include all costs associated with the project, including Design, permitting, installation, hardware, and warranties.

Why Choose Trapsun Solar as your Contractor

Trapsun Solar is one of the highly recommended solar companies in the San Diego area. We are highly recommended because of the following:

  • Trapsun Solar has a competent in house team of staff, to design and install your system. Our lead design Engineer has designed over 750 solar systems that have been installed in San Diego County and it’s environ.
  • We provide you a good estimate as to the percentage of energy usage your installed solar system will offset.
  • Trapsun Solar will show you an analysis of your projected Return On Investment (ROI).
  • We have solar lending partners to make financing your solar energy systems easy.
  • Trapsun Solar’s experienced and trained installers will install your solar power systems, and we do not use subcontractors.
  • Trapsun Solar will explain to you if your home has any unusual features, such as specialty roofing, that will affect you going solar.
  • You can be rest assured that Trapsun Solar will use quality Panels, inverters, and racking equipment for your solar power systems to your satisfaction.
  • We provide warranties for our installations and from the manufacturer. Warranty covering all repairs resulting from defects in equipment or workmanship. Equipment manufacturers typically provide longer warranties. Solar electric panels often come with a 25 year, 85% performance warranty. Warranties for inverters generally range from 10-20 years.
  • Trapsun Solar will provide you with references of satisfied homeowners who will attest to our professional and competent work if requested.
  • Moreover, we have verifiable credentials required to comply with state and local building codes.
  • We are certified and bonded solar contractors in the state of California.

Installation Process

Before Trapsun Solar starts installing your solar system, we will need to secure the correct building and electrical permits, and approvals. This process will vary in time, depending on where you live and type of installation. Generally, it takes 1-3 weeks. Once we have all the required permits and approvals, it generally takes only 1-3 days for our team to install the system. Some installation are more complicated and may require more time. Following permitting and AHJ inspections, you’ll be set to enjoy the benefits of the sun’s free energy.


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