Customer Service

Our success is measured by our customer’s satisfaction. We currently have 100% customer satisfaction. With every single project, we are committed to providing the very best. From the consultation phase to system turn-on, we remain engaged until our customers are completely satisfied with their experience. If any issues arise, we resolve them immediately. We are passionate about solving our customers’ problems quickly and thoroughly.


There is a more efficient, less costly way for you to power your home, farm or business. Harness the power of the sun with solar energy systems from Trapsun Solar.

Top Quality Brands

We supply a variety of top brands of modules, inverters, and racking systems. Our engineers will determine the best solar system that will allow you to maximize your money with the most efficient energy saving solution.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates

Whether residential or commercial, a PV solar electric system practically pays for itself over time. Once you put the money upfront for the system, the solar system will generate electricity savings that will offset the initial cost of installation within 5-7 years. Once the electricity savings have paid off the cost of the system, then you get that monthly electricity savings in your pocket along with the money generated from the sale of your SRECs. We like to compare it to a little IRA or college fund savings account.

Design & Build

Trapsun Solar has the resources and technical expertise to evaluate your site or facility to determine the best possible solution to fit both your immediate and future needs. We will perform a return on your investment analysis to estimate the timeline to recuperate your investment in solar. Finally we are licensed and certified to install your PV solar system to meet industry recommended standards.

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